Joi Cohen-Haroun Photography is a personal website of an award-winning photographer.
This site was originally using ModX CMS.

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To quote the experiences of oharoun who built this site -
I just wanted to share with everyone my conversion to couch for my Wife's website.
It is a photographer portfolio with a blog, few forms and a dynamic image gallery that pulls it's content from SmugMug via a php snippet.

To give a little background, the site was previously run under MODXCMS which i love a lot but I wish was slightly lighter and used local files instead of the db to run everything. It can also be a bit complicated for inexperienced client.

I kind of stumbled upon couch while googling for opensource CMS.
The features seemed great and after a pretty seemless installation I began messing with it.

It has allowed me to create everything i had running under modx pretty easily once I got used to the syntax.

One thing i would say that would be a great thing, would be maybe in the wiki to have a "how do I do x" type of section.
Most of my problems were mostly not knowing which tags to use to achieve my desired goal or where to look for. The dev helped me fixed my problems and pointed me in the right direction, I am definitely grateful for the back and forth :)

Now that the site is live, I am definitely glad I switched to Couch for this. It gives a simple backend that my wife is able to use without much trouble or fear of breaking anything.

Feel free to browse the finished product -
if anyone has any question on the structure or what not, I would be more than happy to help them out with what I have learned.