I started as a Flash Web Designer about seven years ago, but this year wanted to expand my knowledge and work a bit backwards by simplifying my websites, less animation, and learn HTML/PHP and how to incorporate other languages such a JQuery/Javascript. I also realized that I would especially need a CMS to help me grow my business because most if not all of my clients wanted a website that they can update themselves and what I was doing in previous years to supply that service wasn't doing the job.

I was looking for a CMS that would not limit me such as I felt WordPress or Drupal would do, but rather I needed a CMS that would allow me to keep exactly what I want in my design and yet have content easily manageable by myself and especially clients. Couch has enabled me to do exactly that. It takes a bit of learning, but the Couch staff are amazing and once you have one or two projects complete, you'll get the knack of it.

I put Couch to action by giving a short tutorial to my first client's website I applied Couch to and he used it like he was using Couch for years. He updated his site with content within a day. I was shocked and excited.

I will be displaying my work shortly, but have a lot to do and learn at the moment. Couch has been a remarkable asset and if you're a designer like me, you'll find success in using it too.

Cheers! Success to everyone who uses Couch.

isynthesis.ca (currently revising website to be non-Flash)