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I'm very proud to announce you the launch of our new website, Brightsites, today. We launched just a few minutes ago so we might have a few small bugs, but they will be fixed in the next few hours. Anyhow, let me introduce you to Brightsites.

What we do
Brightsites is, as the name might reveal, a webdesign company. However, we do more, and we do things different. Next to webdesign (and webdevelopment), we also edit websites, create entire marketing packs for new companies, we create webapplications and we maintain and host the clients website.

Our team is different from most webdesign company teams. Instead of a bunch of 30-years-old programmers who studied IT or webdesign, our team just contains two young guys who started webdesign on the age of 11 and who gained their experience by using, editting and creating the web.

Our customers
While we basically can make any website we want, we mainly focus on bands, non-profit organizations and start-ups. Because of our young team, we don't have to charge our clients $80 per hour. Instead, we are more close to $20 per hour. In that way we can keep our products and services relatively cheap. So, how about the quality?

Well, we thought of a special construction for that. We hire designers and programmers, if nessecary for the job. Together, we work out a fixed price. We only use the best third-party parties to support us. We tried this construction before, and it turned out to be the cheapest option, while the quality didn't drop.

Usage of CouchCMS
Okay, enough marketing talk. For most of our projects we use CouchCMS as backend. For most clients we customize the Admin Panel to their wishes. The main advantage of CouchCMS for us is the fact that we just design our websites like we want to, and we add the dynamic content later. As soon as the source code (partly) comes available, we will be developing our own version of the CMS with some functions built-in. But we have found workarounds for that for now. ;)

A stripped English version of our website will be online in the next few days. In case you wonder what the lightblue text on the homepage means: "Welcome at brightsites. We can do cool things with websites, have a look:"



To the CouchCMS team:

Thanks for this awesome product. As soon as we have agreed on some stuff with our new clients, we will make the first bulk purchase of CouchCMS. We're looking forward to work together with you.