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At the beginning of the year I did a website for local electrical company called "Simtech OÜ".
NB! I haven't done mobile version yet but company liked it and they are using it now.

I would like to thank the team, who made this cms.. it's just mega awesome. I've been using it since 2015.

Hi! I am wondering about the multilang nav. Is it static, or dynamic? If it is dynamic, how did you solve the localized page names?

Last year I was up to something similar and in terms of nav I could not get beyond the navigation with
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<cms:if k_lang='fi'><cms:get_custom_field 'home_fi' masterpage='nav.php' /><cms:else /><cms:get_custom_field 'home_en' masterpage='nav.php' /></cms:if>

for each hardcoded link. That is, I had the navigation in a separate masterpage - it was working, but I would like to figure out a more dynamic solution.
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