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Hello all

As an aspiring front end developer I would very much appreciate any feedback on my showcase site:

The contact form and the blog are both powered by the quite frankly amazing couch cms!

Thanks for your time

Not bad, not bad..

You'd want to fix CSS for the navbar, because it loses background once the contact form is submitted.
2019-03-19-192539.png (9.03 KiB) Viewed 3166 times

Also your color scheme is questionable in regards to links. Some clickables are in black and some in red. Non-clickables are in black and some in red. Consistency? Never heard of..
2019-03-19-192825.png (224.59 KiB) Viewed 3166 times

Sorry, that's just scratching the surface. You need to improve!
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Hello there

Thank you for your feedback. Please could you confirm the browser you are using as I am unable to replicate the issue with the navbar background colour - there is jquery set to add the colour on window load...

Totally take on board what you are saying about the link colour confusion - thank you. Please could you confirm what you mean by scratched the surface/you need to improve and specifically what other issues you can see?

Please bear in mind I am very much an aspiring front end developer, so please excuse any beginner mistakes!


markchavush wrote: Thank you for your feedback.

You are welcome :) I am glad you took criticism lightly and with the positive approach. I've sent you a PM with my honest opinion.
1945 - 2023
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