Hello, I think I'm pretty much done with my couch based site.

It's a site thats a mix between a forum and a blog. Users can register, login, create posts, edit their posts, they have a profile with recent activity and etc etc.

I've been working on getting the last little css kinks, and think they're finally all good. But maybe I missed a few, so before I start loading the site with content, I was hoping some of yall could give it a little testing, go ahead and try to break the site, and let me know how you did if you did. If you know how to fix thats even better, I can probably award some bitcoin to those who find big enough flaws in my coding. haha.

Any way, the link is :arrow: https://warezthe.download feel free to register and post what you'd like. Anything random if you want I'm going to restore the DB once I know it's good.

Much appreciated. 8-)