I have a personal site
that was using Filemaker server as a CMS and I needed to move the site to a new CMS. After investigating many CMSs (drupal etc), I discovered Couch. I was using a PHP API to connect to the Filemaker server and I thought that Couch would be a similar deal. Not being a dev, it was not going to be as easy as that, so I found Anton Smirnov ( https://github.com/trendoman )on this forum to do it for me.
In 2 weekends, he migrated the html 5 pages to couch, found me a new webhost that is really good at a very reasonable price and wrote me a simple manual to explain how it all work.
He made the dev experience effortlessly pleasant.
So, all this to say thank you that couch CMS exists. It is an excellent opensource solution that elegantly solves the problems that many more famous CMSs do not. Thank you to Anton so being such a good dev and perfect representative of the couch spirit.