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Just a quick post to say it's been a pleasure using Couch as backend system for revamping the local football team site.
KK and Cheesy were excellent (sure I've forgotten others) and answered questions quickly, and the tagging style reminds me of ColdFusion which I actually quite liked.

Also don't have to manually change a lot of the content directly at MySQL end :D

Anyway I have purchased a license for the domain and if anyone is interested links to the old site and the revamp are below.

Old / Current:
New / Revamp:

Hoping to go live over the weekend, just a couple of tweaks to styling for Mobile devices and making sure the media chap (content editor) is happy.

On to the next one.

Ah, you renamed /couch folder to /admin for better bot access.. :roll:
Sorry, didn't look any further yet.

your best friends: github, StackOverflow, telegram
it's not looking that good on large screens. Remove the background picture or set a max width.
Hi, it is much better than earlier version. Very informative.

I couldn't find league tables.

I'm in similar project for my local club.
Thanks for the feedback. Didn't notice that when originally using the responsive mode of Firefox / Safari.
Hopefully sorted now.

As for League its still in with the fixtures I've just remove the word from the navigation item (maybe a bad idea?).

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