End of May Europe introduced its new privacy laws. This forced all companies but also sports clubs into publishing their privacy policies. For the twirling sports club of my daughter (less then 40 members) it meant a complete redesign of their website was mandatory: the old website was not up to par with modern standards, not secure, and used generic shared accounts.

When I volunteered to build the new site end of May, I expected to be finished with it somewhere around October, at the earliest, if not end of the year. I have job, and it's not building websites. But then I discovered Couch. Thanks to Couch I was able to build the new site in slightly less than six weeks, in my spare time. I have to admit, startbootstrap.com also has a considerable part in this (and the bootstrap framework itself, of course). But thanks to Couch I was able to retrofit the CMS into the bootstrap template and have a modern looking, secure website with individual user accounts for all members in a short period of time. It went live July 1.

Take a look here: https://www.twirlteam-surprise.nl/

Thanks KK and team, keep up the excellent work !