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That's my first more complex couchCMS website for a non-profit project, comunity project / social business.
Design and development by
Features like: responsive design, custom, responsive backend, filter functions …


Wow really nice site and a good project. Also the project site itself got a lot of love. Thumbs up
Oh thank you. I've just seen your comment 6 month later. thanks a lot.
A very nice one, very clean, the colors fit quite nice.

Only some quick notes:

In the Projects page upon scrolling down the drop-down menu partly disappears underneath the white section background. You may want to adjust the z-index there or something.

On mobile clicking the Projects nav item flashes the drop-down, but gets me to the Projects page immediately, no chance to click in the drop-down.

You may want to enable the pretty URLs, it is really worth it.

You may want to do something about the two background .png images, that represent half of the overall homepage data volume. ;o)

In every case, thanks fr inspiration!
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