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Be very careful if you hire this individual "trendoman".
I did a small project which worked great, then a bigger one which turned into an disaster.

1, 4 month ago I paid 25% advanced payment
2, he advices me to get a crew which he would find -- Never happend
3, then he tried to sell me a cheap word press website which we had never asked for
4, when we finally pushed hard he implemented part of the site then disappeared and left us with a totally broken site
5, then when I finally reached him he tried to blackmail me for more money as it was sunday
6, then he started to go Psycho and tried to blame us for everything he did not accomplish --
7, then we waited another few days and he said he would fix it
8, The fix was so bad and one week later we still have problems with the site
9 other programmers told me his work is terrible
10, then he started to get radom people to register on the site most russian sites which are hacked or so
11, when i asked for my money back he came with even more abstract ways why he is in the right
12, The costs and time I have lost here goes in the multi 1000
13. As he already inflicted so much harm to us

my personal e mail is i you need adicve I can document this all

Thank you! You are always welcome :)

-- has something that might be of interest to other devs here:

Infinite scrolling tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8963&p=26865#p26865

Series of dynamic security questions for fighting spam viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7047&p=26938#p26938
I think a screenshot would be a good fit here.
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Really nice work on webdesign and amazing panoramas! thumbs up
Panoramas are a thrill to explore. Webdesign is outdated in my opinion, I think it could've been more cheerful even for the business purpose.

Maybe it should project the feeling of a huge crowd of people that comes to the restaurant of hotel after seeing its panoramas :) Of course, a big international corporation can't always be like that, but maybe they could throw in some ideas, instead of some template design.

@cl, maybe you can offer your help to Max, I'd really appreciate this website to deliver a clearer message. Or any message at all :)
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