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Tableaux sur toile   Reproductions peintes à la main.jpg
Website TST redesign
Tableaux sur toile Reproductions peintes à la main.jpg (133.52 KiB) Viewed 2292 times

I just redesigned my eCommerce website for selling painting reproductions online with Couch CMS and Foundation6.

I love Couch as it allows a very easy control on every part of the website.

Building a website structure for SEO from landing cornerstone pages to all subpages becomes a breeze, as it's easy to build relations between them and increase their relevancy.
It allowed me to create different relevant meta tags easily from list pages to product pages, that are populated automatically.
Etc. Etc.

The best CMS ever, I tell you. Especially since we now will be able to create complicated functions and design the back-end for them. It's a great opportunity to develop complex websites without having to use a Framework.
Awesome! I navigated easily, typography is clear and design choices are pleasant to eye.
Took a quick look and also visited your own website - liked lazy load images. How do you find WP Vs Couch, since you have experience with both?
The second visit was unsuccessful due to host problems and Connection timed out 522 Error.
Thanks, I just finished the front-end, I am glad you find it user-friendly. :)
Now I am working on the back-end to develop a full eCommerce with CRM.

Thanks as well for letting me know about the hosting problem. I host the painting reproduction website in Vietnam so I don't have copyright infringement troubles, but the servers are kind of behaving funny sometimes.

It's loading slow, even with Cloudflare, and as the server are too far from my targeted customers I have terrible First Byte time.
I was thinking about moving it to hostiso, as KK recommended it. Any experience with them?

Yep, lazy loading are cool and makes the pages loading faster. It's easy with WP, and I am implementing it on Tableaux sur toile as we speak with Blazy ( ). Works well so far.

WP is cool and easy to use too. I made WP websites as it doesn't take much time to develop for small website project from 1000 to 3000 USD. But frankly there's a lot of limitations that one do not have with Couch, as Couch is far more versatile, allows (now) a full customization even on the back-end, functionalities development, and easy integration of third party applications.
The downside is that with Couch it takes more work to build a proper website when with WP I can make one from scratch within 1 to 3 days for the simple ones - and since customers are cheap...

And WP has many plugins! Which is good and not very good.
When developing with WP, if the plugin functionality fits the customer needs, it's all perfect. But as soon as they want "a little modification", you have to start to learn the plugin from scratch and modify the code accordingly. It can be a nightmare.
Trust me on that one, when it happens, you wish you had developed your own application.

Frankly, I would go with Couch for every project I have.

Thanks for your review.

Have a wonderful day.
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