Finaly my WRITE HOURS function is finnished and i send all THANKS to Anton Smirnov (@trendoman) for amazing good work and i must say its a trill to colaborate with him.

He uses all the time to come up with best solution and also comes with great ideas and explaind to me in mail in details how all is done.

The function lets my users add how many hours worked every day, and date is preselected with cur date and hours, overtime gets calculated in background and i went from 9 inputs that the users had to select to now 0 if no changes because all is stored and remembered. It will make my users very happy and myself.

Im so glad and amazed by this work so more project is comming :)

Many thanks and i recomend Anton Smirnov (@trendoman) to all couchers out there in need for some help.