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I wanted to thank Anton who saved a project which took almost a year with the webdeveloper totally screwing it up. Hi took over and finished it with in less then two weeks.
He totally went out of his way to help us to fix the backend and even when the project was closed he still worked on areas he saw need help and did even ask for payment.

Out of 10 stars I would give him 12 and recommend him any time!!!
His E mail add is: or user name @trendoman

If any one has any question they can contact me any time on
Thank you! You are always welcome :)

-- has something that might be of interest to other devs here:

Infinite scrolling tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8963&p=26865#p26865

Series of dynamic security questions for fighting spam viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7047&p=26938#p26938
I think a screenshot would be a good fit here.
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Really nice work on webdesign and amazing panoramas! thumbs up
Panoramas are a thrill to explore. Webdesign is outdated in my opinion, I think it could've been more cheerful even for the business purpose.

Maybe it should project the feeling of a huge crowd of people that comes to the restaurant of hotel after seeing its panoramas :) Of course, a big international corporation can't always be like that, but maybe they could throw in some ideas, instead of some template design.

@cl, maybe you can offer your help to Max, I'd really appreciate this website to deliver a clearer message. Or any message at all :)
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