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Hi couchdev. To translate the Kcfinder box open the file "includes/kcfinder/core/uploader.php" and find in the line n° 57:
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/** The language got from $_GET['lng'] or $_GET['lang'] or... Please see next property
  * @var string */
    protected $lang = 'es';
there you can change the lang for the name of the file in the lang folder.

I also had to make a little change in the file "includes/smoothbox/smoothbox.js" to change the word "close" just search for that word an change it to your language and that's all.
Thank you very much for your help
Hi all,
I've got a quick question about KCfinder.
I have a client with a wedding blog. She wants to be able to select multiple images when writing a blog post. KK, you said in the original post in this topic that you can "select multiple files".
Is this actually possible in the version of KCfinder we are using?
I've attached an image. When you right click multiple selected image, I would like to see a "select option (like here -, but currently this option doesn't appear.
Is this something I could maybe fix, or would I have to wait until the KCfinder that comes with couch is updated?


Problem is that in Couch you select the image *into* either the dialogbox of CKEditor or within 'image' editable regions - never directly within the body of the editor.

Both these targets can accept only a single image and hence there is no option for multiple select.

This behavior is not unique to Couch. Please see the same demo that you mentioned ( and try out selecting images in CKEditor.

Hope this answers your query.
Hi KK,
Yeah, I figured that it wasn't really going to happen. Thought it best to ask in case you knew of a solution/workaround.
Thanks anyway. I'll have to go and break it to her that her blog posts with 150(!) images will have to be done one at a time...

As always, thanks a lot for your aassistance KK.
Wow, 150 images - doing that manually would be ... torture. I highly recommend you look into the approach documented at viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8559. You could even create a shortcode to display the images where desired, if some flexibility were required as to the placement within the blog content.
Thanks cheesypoof!
That looks interesting. I'll tell her to hold off on her huge blog post until I've had a chance to fully digest that and then try and implement it!

Thanks again, this is why I love using couch! :D
Managed to have a look at that and test it out. Looks like it should do the job for her!
I'll just give her an additional text field after the gallery, so it can run text - gallery - text, that should be flexible enough I hope.
Thanks again cheesypoof and KK!
Hi all, I have implemented the reverse-relations gallery in the site, seems to work OK. I'll wait and see how impressed the client is....
Just wondering, something I did notice is that you cannot upload gallery images if the article is unpublished (took me a lot of time and swearing to figure that out!). Is there any way to force this to work, or is it just something we have to live with?

Thanks again!
I did notice is that you cannot upload gallery images if the article is unpublished
Thanks for reporting. I've made a note of the problem and will look into it.
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