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How big are the mp3 files you are trying to upload?
As I said, I was able to upload a 2mb file without a problem.

I'm having a problem with kcfinder in Safari. In other browsers works fine.

What can it be?

Can any of our users please confirm if KCFinder works for them on Safari?
Works fine for me on Safari 5.1.7 (on Windows 7)
Thank you very much, @ewanmc

@RafaelNC, logic dictates that it cannot be a memory issue else things wouldn't have worked on any of the browsers. However, I'll still suggest you try tweaking the memory settings.
You can give this a try - viewtopic.php?p=15752#p15752
I tried on two Macs, and did't work in any of them.

'll See the topic, thank's KK.
Safari for Windows has been discontinued for 2+ years now; it may very well give a different result than the most recent Safari for OSX.

I'll take a look at this sometime over the next few days and see if I can reproduce the issue.
I tested KCFinder on Safari 7.0.6 and didn't experience the issue Rafael. This must be specific to your web server or Macs.

Those errors are displayed by KCFinder when the initial AJAX request (to populate the file and directory panes) fails at includes/kcfinder/js/browser/init.js on line 122. I would require access credentials if you wanted me to look into the issue further.
I redid the test on another server. Now everything worked fine.

'll See the server settings. Thanks for the help cheesypoof

First of all, this is my first post at the forum and i am very happy with COUCH and using it in my second project right now. Recently i discovered that new KCFinder option as file chooser.
Is there any way to set language for KCFinder? I saw "lang" just below "kcfinder" directory folder and necessary language pack but i am struggling about setting the one that i desire.

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