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I can't upload a tif file using kcfinder. It says unknown image format/encoding. Any ideas?


@muzo178, KCFinder internally makes use of PHP's GD Library for image processing.
Unfortunately, GD Library does not support TIFF format (and hence the error that you see).
thanks for the quick reply KK..

I switched to using type='file' instead to provide tiff downloads.
I have implemented latest version of CKeditor and integrated KCfinder (not CKfinder). All works fine, but if I select image or any file, KCfinder returns in image dialog of CKeditor wrong url.

returns "/www/admin/files/upload/image.jpg"

I need "/admin/files/upload/images.jpg" or "http://"

CKeditor config file:

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config.filebrowserBrowseUrl = '/admin/files/kcfinder/browse.php?opener=ckeditor&type=files';

KCfinder config file

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'uploadURL' => "../upload/",
'uploadDir' => "",

I have tried perhaps all options, but with no effect...thanks a lot for tips to solution.
Normally setting those values in either ckeditor's or kcfinder's config is not required.

Please try removing the 'config.filebrowserBrowseUrl' from ckeditor and setting
'uploadURL' => "upload",
for kcfinder.

If you are trying to change the default upload folder, please do so using couch/config.php.
You might also want to explicitly specify your site's URL in the same config file (setting #1).

Please let me know what the generated links are with the revised (i.e. pristine) settings.

I'm getting this "Cannot move uploaded file to target folder".
Anyone experience with this?

Worked fine before, notting was edited on this website lately.



@sam, this seems to be a permission related issue. Please try changing the permission on your upload folder (755 or even 777 if required).
Just did this, but no difference...
So... if anyone is trying to do what I just did...

When you want to use the latest version of KCFinder (directly from github or the website), do yourself a favor and copy the couch.php in the kcfinder/integration in the zip into the responding folder of kcfinder...
The Latest version still works perfectly fine but I had some issues "finding" the right version (after 3 hours turning out that the latest worked perfectly fine <.<) because somehow the session wasn't written correctly and while switching between versions it would work and then stop to work on the same revisions... took me some nerves but hey, on the other hand I could have just thought of that from the beginning :roll:

So really all you need is the kcfinder/integrations/couch.php.
Hi !
I have a small question - I have problem in mobile and touch screen devices!
I see that this issue is discussed, and ask that problem solved or is it not?
I tried this on an Android phone and the problem also exists in list view.

Thanks in advance
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