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Few days ago i started to explore all functionality of Couch. Now i already installed couch into my current project for local photo studio and i'm looking forward to build my own humble portofolio with Couch.
So i spent few hours to translate CMS into russian for my client and any possible future ones. Hope someone find it useful.


Thank you @MaDMeaT :)
Great contribution, I can make use of this!
Here is another version graciously submitted by @Nikita -
(4.5 KiB) Downloaded 774 times
I've submitted a pull request to update the translation to support strings up to 2.1.
Let me know if that works. Raw file.
Thanks :)
I have merged your PR.
OMG, it is horrible :evil: with grammar spelling mistakes and words overflowing buttons.

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@trendoman, may I request you to please rectify the mistakes you noticed?
I have no way of knowing what would be correct in Russian.
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