Make sure you don't miss out on important product update or patch
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The current version of Couch (v1.4) ships with a later version of CKEditor (4.3.1).
So, for the time being, this patch will not be necessary.

Upgrade process:
1. Download the attached '' file. Unzipping it will yield a folder named 'ckeditor'.
2. In your existing Couch installation, please find and rename to something different the 'couch/includes/ckeditor' folder.
3. Upload the folder unzipped above to 'couch/includes/'.


Thanks cheesypoof :)

Thanks a lot, much appreciated!
Yes, thank you! :)
... and thanks from me too.

I've just scanned the CKEditor 4 features and saw 'Inline Editing' - sounds interesting. Has anyone tried it? Would it work with Couch? I didn't much like the look of 'retrieving the editor data' bit.
Glad everybody liked it. I find the monochrome icons a bit difficult to adjust to...

I've come to think it's more trouble than it's worth.
hi, there is an issue with version 4.0 described here:

I have the same problem at one of my sites. Always a empty text line is added in the editor it outputs a <p>&Acirc;&#160;</p> which results in a " Â " .

The only change I made to the downloadable version above is to change the language to "de".
I tried to download version 4.0.1 and make my own ckeditor but I failed. Is it possible to update the version here or should I install v.3 again?

Thank you
According to the ticket you linked, the solution is to save the main JS file with a UTF-8 BOM. By default in Couch, this JS is served by a PHP file. Saving a PHP file with a BOM can cause problems on some setups. One potential workaround for you would be to do the following:

1. Download and use
2. Open 'ckeditor_php5.php' and 'ckeditor_php4.php'.
3. Search for 'ckeditor_v40.php' and replace it with 'ckeditor_v40.js'. Save the files.
4. Rename 'ckeditor_v40.php' to 'ckeditor_v40.js'. Open the file.
5. Remove the PHP statement at the top. Click 'Encoding' > 'Encode in UTF-8'. Save the file.

Let me know if that works...
In the ticket discussion people have also commented that -
..change the site charset from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 it all woks fine

Since Couch always sets the site's charset to utf-8 (unless, of course you change this in config.php), I really don't see why this problem should crop up even without the BOM marker.

I wonder if this has to do with the 'de.js' file cl chose?

Let us see what cl reports back.
Hi and thank you for your time!

I tried to change the language back to English as well as cheesyproofs suggestions but I got the same results as before. Now I rolled back to version 3.54 which solves the problem. So I'm happy for now.

But if you want you can provide me a version 4.0.1 and I will test it.

Thanks anyway
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