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As discussed at viewtopic.php?p=20314#p20314, the existing v1.4.5RC2 has been promoted to become the version available for download from the main site.

As per the mentioned discussion, a Javascript prompt for unsaved changes in admin-panel has been added.

Another minor change is the addition of 'searchable' parameter to cms:editable tags - setting this to '0' will prevent the regions contents from showing up in search.
thanks for this - pleased to have the unsaved changes prompt!!
Is Imperavi Redactor now in the release?
skribe wrote: Is Imperavi Redactor now in the release?

No, This I believe will be one of the many many new features coming with Couch 2.0 in the future. This release was a push from the latest RC with some extra bug fixes and small features (like prompting users with unsaved data in the admin panel).

We're all waiting with excitement for redactor, just like you :D I really cannot wait for Couch V2
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