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Work has been completed -
The pages are hosted -

Original post below:

Hi everybody,

Until now the Couch documentation has been hosted on the Couch server and managed with ... Couch, of course... ;)

This has unfortunately meant that the system is closed to others - no direct community involvement. The documentation has also struggled somewhat to stay current with new releases. This applies to the zip download as well, which must be manually compiled after each edit.

With those issues in mind, I have been looking for some solutions and came up with the following -

Placing the documentation on GitHub opens up the system to others for collaboration. The latest files can then be downloaded (in zip format) or cloned with Git at any time.

The contents should be converted to Markdown to ensure maintainability. A static site generator is used to create HTML pages for offline (and online) browsing.

To synchronize this with what is displayed on the official site, we would use the GitHub Pages service on a subdomain ( and permanently redirect old requests to the new location.

I have been busy implementing all of this and hope to have it completed shortly.

Thanks for listening.
I am pleased to announce that I have completed the tedious process of converting the documentation HTML contents to Markdown. See the original post for links. Redirects will be implemented soon, after the pages are crawled and we have had some time for community testing. Please do report any typos, mistakes, or missing items through the repository issue tracker (look for a bug icon in the bottom right - requires a GitHub account). @KK will be adding changes from the recent 1.4.5 release.
Thank you @cheesypoof :)
I realize it was a tedious undertaking. Great work!
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