Important announcements from CouchCMS team
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Hi everybody,

We recently set up an organization on GitHub that will host the CouchCMS codebase (core files and supported addons). For those of you who are familiar with the Git source control management software and/or GitHub, the benefits of this move will be apparent:

  • Code revision history
  • User-friendly bug/issue reporting and tracking
  • Powerful development collaboration tools (open to community contributions)

We believe that this is a substantive step towards providing more visibility to the development of this CMS and hope the Couch community will join us in this effort by contributing where possible (bug reporting, code contributions, etc...).

You can visit the organization page at:

Also, do star the main repository ( if you don't mind ;)

Wow, this is incredible!!! Congratulations @kk and @cheesypoof!!!

I've already starred Couch. I hope you'll get many followers, and even more contributors!
Thanks !
I load frameworks and write bugs on top of them, after that I rearrange the code so that it looks like a cool product.
Thanks!!!!! :D
The community-contributed translation files posted in the "Product Updates" section of the forum have been uploaded to a central repository -
Great decision to get more people involved. :)
Great we got for Swedish there, thanks.
@cheesypoof a couple of questions:

1) are the currently available add-ons/plug-ins going to be also be put on github? Will there be a central list somewhere, so we can keep track of all currently available add-ons?

2) is the Couch website - and its documentation - going to be put on github, too? Some people may be able to contribute with content, design and/or editing, and proofreading.
The addons have already been placed on GitHub @luxlogica -

I don't think moving the documentation to GitHub is likely to happen; there simply isn't enough incentive to undertake such an effort. The current documentation isn't inadequate, there are just some tags and parameters missing. I think for now just create a thread on the forum if you spot anything amiss.
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