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Thanks for the reply KK.

Unfortunately I'm working locally so would not be possible.

If i download the 1.4.5RC1 and copy across the files / re-create the database etc, would that be a workaround? It might be that I've messed up my database, relatively new to coding!

Thanks :)
I don't see why a fresh installation wouldn't work.
Please give it a try.


Trying to update to 1.4.5
Followed the update instructions but control panel still showing as V1.3 and kcfinder is not the file manager.
Deleted all Couch files/folders (apart from uploads and snippets folder) on the server and loaded Couch again.
Still showing as V1.3 in Control Panel and no Kcfinder although this is set to be active in config.php

So it seems to be picking this version 1.3 up from the database.
I don't really want to delete this and start over from scratch.

Any suggestions?
Hello @dough,

Can you please take a look at 'header.php' file found in your problematic Couch installation and let us know what you see specified in the following setting?
define( 'K_COUCH_VERSION', 'x.x.x' ); // Changes with every release

Thanks KK for the quick reply.
From the downloaded header.php file
define( 'K_COUCH_VERSION', '1.4.5RC1' ); // Changes with every release
define( 'K_COUCH_BUILD', '20140929' ); // YYYYMMDD - do -
The mysql database couch_settings table shows
k_key k_couch_version
k_value 1.3.0

It seems from header.php that 1.4 update should create a table couch_attachments
and then 1.4.5 alters this table and others.
No such table shown in the database.

Do I need to have installed V1.4 before I can install 1.4.5? or does it roll through each update applying them sequentially?

What could be reason header.php can't update database. Permissions?
I've tried setting it to 777 but no joy with that either.

Do I need to have installed V1.4 before I can install 1.4.5?
No. The version being installed sequentially applies all the intermediate missing versions.

What could be reason header.php can't update database. Permissions?
Yes, permissions could to be the issue here. Please grant the database user full permissions on the database and try.

If the site is online and this does not help, grant me access to the site and I'll try to troubleshoot the issue.

Thanks KK

I logged into database using the same user and password as that in the config.php
I was able to create a test_attachments table and the fields etc using mysql admin panel.
So I'm presuming the user must have the correct rights. Privileges are shown as Select, Insert, Update, Delete, Create, Drop, Index, Alter, Temp tables, Lock tables.

Users and permissions isn't an option available for this database apart from add user in the hosting control panel which again is limited to the above privileges.

If the database work was done online would this be enough to enable V1.4.5?
I'm thinking here of all the 1.4/1.4.5 sql in header.php being used and run directly through phpmyadmin although I don't know enough about sql as to whether this could be done as a batch file or statement by statement. Same applies to my very rudimentary knowledge of correct syntax and what to strip out of the header.php code " and ' to give the correct sql statements.

Would you need FTP access or FTP and online DB access?
I'll have to check with client if they are OK with that especially as online DB access is through hosting control panel which would thus give access/control for all of their sites.

As the site is just a simple static brochure site it may be easier/less work to use the couch db info to update all the site .php pages, delete database and pages and start from scratch as V1.4.5
Or perhaps a safer option might be to leave existing database alone, create new database and then run couch install pointing to that? (also updating the pages to include the db info). Is config.php the only hardcoded reference to the database to be used?

But I would prefer to know reason for the problem as I have another site which will need version update from V1.3 to 1.4.5 or V1.4 soon.
@dough, As far as I know, this problem is unique to you. Haven't had any reports of problem in upgrading.

Since I don't have access to your site, I won't be able to give any definitive reason for this happening, I am afraid.

Let us try another way of upgrading, though -
1. Use gen_dump.php ( ... erver.html) to create the inatall_ex.php file.

2. Place the file created above within your 'couch' folder.

3. Edit couch/config.php and in the following setting, add a prefix e.g. 'new_'
define( 'K_DB_TABLES_PREFIX', 'new_' );

4. Access the admin panel. Couch will do a fresh install using your previous data.

Please let me know if this helps.
Thanks KK
I'll try that and report back.
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