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cheesypoof wrote: This addon has been updated for v2.0 to display the voting results of updown and stars editable regions in the admin panel. See

Could you please create a new thread @orbital and include your current code? Thanks.

Hello, in this version it is possible to manipulate the results of the vote because the original version of this can be done only with the intervention in the database?
Such functionality has not been added to this addon @orbital. It is not my place to impose value judgements on what is or is not appropriate in the administration of anyone's website, but I am frankly inclined to question the ... wisdom of introducing the ability to directly manipulate results.
@cheesypoof, it might be needed in case of migration to Couch of some website with exiting votes.

Anyways, this can be done by editing numbers in database directly.

I personally went to creating custom solution with cms:db_persist and databound forms, since I had templates with elevated access levels and required to avoid any 'Cheating?!' security checks. It worked just fine. Votes are held in two editables and I have utter control over everything, including modifying votes.

I randomly filled votes with data and it helped to test and fix some front-end styling issue for big-digits numbers.

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trendoman would you share your complete solution of this task?
Hi, I had a quick question about this module. I haven't used it before, but I have a project coming up that will need a voting system, either star rating or up/down votes. So my question is, is it possible to list pages in order of votecount?
Something like:
<cms:pages masterpage="voteonthis.php" orderby="<cms:show count_up />" order="desc" limit="10">
<cms:show k_count />: <cms:show k_page_title /><br>
Or even orderby ((count_up) - (count_down))?
This would hopefully give a Top 10 of the pages, ordered by the number of upvotes.
Sorry for asking in advance (without trying it out), but I won't start this project till next week, and was just thinking it through.
@ewanmc, as stated in the original post (I am quoting from it below), we can use the field's name as 'orderby' parameter and that should sort the pages using the summary value -
One very important thing that we can do with these summary values is use them to list the 'Top-rated 5 pages' or 'Most liked 5 pages' (i.e. pages with most stars or highest sum of up/down votes).
Nothing could be easier as we can use our trusty cms:pages for this e.g.

<cms:pages orderby='test_stars' order='asc' limit='5' >
... this will list the top 5 pages with highest star ratings ..

The key above is the use of the vote type region with the 'orderby' parameter.

Hope that helps.
Thanks KK, I honestly did read the original post, I don't know how I managed to miss that! Exactly what I was looking for and it was staring me in the face :oops:
Thanks as usual!
Guys, does anyone have a simple solution for star-rating?
My question is how to be replaced dropdown region with click on 5 star image png?
Thanks in advance
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