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@IdealSolucoes, as mentioned in a previous post in this thread -
The polls module has been deliberately made with almost no GUI so you can put in your own.
This addon provides you with all the functionality you'd need but you'll have to create your own GUI.
Thanks for this module :D It is very convenient

I beg your pardon for this strange question but my client wants sometimes to manipulate voting results. If the decision is to do it directly in the database - this is not a solution.
My question is - whether can this be done through an editable region in the admin panel?

Passes through my mind that this would each client - so please for solution :)

Thank you very much Couch
@orbital, I don't think we can do so directly from the admin-panel. You'll have to manipulate the database directly.
@KK, I see some strange behavior with up_down vote. This is the only one I tested so far.
I list results from clonable page in list with cms:pages as usual.

<cms:show my_vote /> always fetches correct results for each page.

If I get data with the code below, I get the same result for all the pages, fetched from only first page. I have custom_routes enabled and fetch results from extended_users template.

Probably this is irrelevant to Votes itself, but happens because the correct context is lost? If you don't have time for that, I will understand. Meanwhile, will create 2 separate text fields to store submissions.
Code: Select all
<cms:show_votes 'my_vote' >
<cms:dump />

I have re-created almost the whole up-down voting process for custom routes, with respect to all routes links, pagination, jumping to correct #anchors etc. Also some automation has been done in admin panel to create a related page with votes for the main template. I used a snippet in dynamic label of relation editable to run some checks and autocreate page.

Now, I need any help regarding saving/checking user's ip address and manage timing between votes. Thanks!

P.S. finally no more annoying "Cheating?!" messages :D

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@trendoman, perhaps that has got something to do with the fact that you are using 'custom routes' and with custom routes the context of the template never switches (automatically) to 'page-view'?
Hello Couches! :)
It's about vote_poll, really works fine, however my client wants a little change.
Normal poll shows 10 replies as radio buttons and a button for voting - ok.

Could this change and no radio buttons and have 10 buttons for voting - one button for each answer?

This can create more advanced layouts I think ...

and another question - how to send a simple email with name and phone number of the person who votes without making registration as a user

thank you all :) :)
This addon has been updated for v2.0 to display the voting results of updown and stars editable regions in the admin panel. See

Could you please create a new thread @orbital and include your current code? Thanks.
Thank you cheesypoof,
I made a new post here

Sorry for diggin up an old thread.

I'm looking to do a business directory where people can leave their star vote for Service, Price etc as well as a message. But I want people to be only allowed to submit 1 vote for each business.

Would this addon be able to achieve this?

I'd love to take this one step further and have a signup/connect via facebook button in order to gather the customer image etc for the review?
Hi @srewebso :)
only allowed to submit 1 vote for each business

For logged-in members, that is the default setting (please see the config for the addon).
Assuming each 'business' is a discrete cloned page, a member would be able to vote only once per cloned page.

For anonymous users, since the only way to track them is by their IP which can be shared across visitors, the default setting is to disallow another vote for six hours after their first vote. This can be changed, if you wish, from the config.
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