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turned off pretty urls and got rid of htaccess

but for
/members/index.php i'm getting a blank page
/members/login.php i'm getting a 404 error
/members/register.php getting ERROR! Unknown tag: "get_flash"
/members/lost-password.php getting ERROR! Unknown tag: "get_flash"
/members/profile.php getting a login screen but nothing works there

what could be the reason?
/members/register.php getting ERROR! Unknown tag: "get_flash"
/members/lost-password.php getting ERROR! Unknown tag: "get_flash"
Please edit couch/addons/kfunctions.php file and uncomment (i.e. remove the leading two slashes) from the following line in it -
Code: Select all
//require_once( K_COUCH_DIR.'addons/cart/session.php' ); 

/members/index.php i'm getting a blank page
That is fine. We are using it only to define the editable regions.

Please check the admin-panel - all the templates should appear in the sidebar if they are properly registered.
Yes, thank you that solved it.! :)
Hi everyone...

Kamran, if I'm following along correctly: can the new Member's Module NOT be used in conjunction with Pretty URLS?

Thanks for the heads up!
Hi izzy,
can the new Member's Module NOT be used in conjunction with Pretty URLS?
It certainly *can* be used with prettyURLs - after all, the member templates are plain Couch templates.

Did you experience any difficulty in getting them working with prettyURLs?
If so, please first turn off prettyURLs (with prettyURLs on, if you try to register any new template, including the member templates, you might get a 'page not found' error).

Now register all the templates.
Once you find them working as expected, generate a new .htaccess file and now activate the prettyURLs from the config file.

The procedure outlined above applies to all templates - not just the ones that come with the members module.

Hope this helps.
izzy wrote: can the new Member's Module NOT be used in conjunction with Pretty URLS?

Pretty URLs works perfectly on my website with the members module.
You might have skipped the process of registering your module's pages with Couch (log in as super-admin and visit each page found in the "members" folder, then generate a new htaccess file by visiting 'YOUR WEBSITE ROOT'/couch/genhtaccess.php, assuming your couch folder isn't renamed ofcourse.

--- EDIT ---

Crap! KK beat me to it. :D
Speakin of the members module, I added a profile photo to my members area, but when a logged in user trys to upload a new image, by clicking on Browse Server, the file uploader appears in fullscreen but you cannot upload a new image, if you select an existing image, you cannot get back to the members area as there is no OK button or UPLOAD.
Is it just me?
Simmons Studio (Zambia)
I'm not primitive, My time machine just malfunctioned in your era.

Only admin/super-admins can use the 'file' and 'image' types from the front-end (think of it - you wouldn't want the general public to browse files present on your server, would you?).

For allowing uploads from the front-end, we have the 'securefile' editable region.
Please see the following thread - viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7830 for full documentation of 'securefile' (covered in my replies there) .

Hope this helps.
The members module including de FB login just works beautifully and is a real nice addon to the already well though out CMS.

It looks like it would be even be possible to edit the module and code it in such way that it would become possible for an administrator to create multiple logins, each meant to put different parts of a website behind a different login.

My guess is the only thing that's needed to archieve this is to add a new editable region to the 'members/index.php' template that will show me a dropdown or checkbox with all the cloned pages of the website. The only thing that needs to be added to the login module would be an extra check if the correct emailaddres and password is used for the right page.

Am I on the right track to find a solution for this?

I'm making it more difficult than needed... this could easily be achieved with user and access controll. :D
@kk and @cholasimmons, thanks so much for the help! Everything is working great now!
On my members/profile/ page I have a data-bound form that displays everything (and the selected avatar) correctly, but in the sidebar I want to display the current member's avatar (if logged in and if available) but I think I'm missing somthing.
Code: Select all
<cms:show_securefile 'imagefile'>

Isn't giving me anything at all! And when I enclose it in <cms:pages masterpage=k_member_template page_id=k_member_id>...<cms/pages> I get an iteration of every members avatar in the database :D
I'm not primitive, My time machine just malfunctioned in your era.
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