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webinke wrote: I need a way to make sure that once logged in Parent A can't see the grades for Parent B.
Is this doable with the members module?

How's it going, @webinke?
You have absolute freedom in the way to protect data. A fast-forward way to achieve what you need is to implement the same logic as in the Notes application. ... rough.html
Take a look if you haven't already. Grasp some ideas of relations between templates and routing.

Your app is going to be much simpler, as each user would have only one page to view and nothing to edit or create. Wish you luck :) If you need anything, feel free to look for support on this forum.

atisz wrote: The sign up template contains, beside the mandatory member module editables, a few extra editables like editable1, editable2, editable3, editable4. Is it possible (on new account creation) to automatically fill editable4 as joined values of editable1, editable2 and editable3 (something like editable4=editable1editable2-editable3, eg. A8-36)?
editable4 will serve as a custom id field.

Maybe you can set variable before calling the registration.
Code: Select all
<cms:form enctype="multipart/form-data" method='post' anchor='0'>
    <cms:if k_success >
        <cms:set concatenated_string="<cms:concat frm_editable1 frm_editable2 '-' frm_editable3 />" />

        <!-- form goes here -->

- cmiiw -
webinke wrote: I'm a little late to the party here, but I have a question on the functionality of this module. I'm working on a website for a school, and I'm wondering if this does what I'm hoping it does.

Basically, I need to be able to create pages for the parents of the students to login and view grades and attendance. Obviously I can create cloned pages with all the editable regions I need, but I need a way to make sure that once logged in Parent A can't see the grades for Parent B.

Is this doable with the members module?

If member(parent) related to the student, I think it's clear enough to use filter.
Try the relationship

- cmiiw -
Great, I think this might work for what I need. Thanks guys!
Is there a way of having a user register without providing a password? It will be sent to them via activation mail by the client.

I can hide the password fields, and just have some value provided for them upon form submit, but it seems like dirty hack to me.
Hello KK, there is a way to disable the activation email, and activate the member automatic?

Thank you

EDIT: Please ignore my question, I already find a way. Thanks

EDIT2: What I did:

I have using this module in my website!
But for activation mail , some mail has sent , some mail has not sent!
What's the problem!?

Please help me!

Best regards
Hi, @galaxy
Do you have cache enabled in config.php?
If so, place <cms:no_cache/> somewhere at top.
Hi dear friends ;)

When i install couch , i see this error

ERROR function register_tag(): handler function of Tag "member_process_activation" not callable

And i really need members module for my project!

Please help me :(

Best regards
Hi :) members module is outdated, please use extended_users instead.
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