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OK, so v1.4 is now officially the current release version and is now available for download from the main site.

There are only minimal changes in it as compared to its release-candidate version (mostly bug-fixes and a new version of CKEditor).

However, there is one new little feature that I've slipped into the release version (technically it is an addon and does not impact the core code, so I took this liberty).

Couch now supports 'On-Page' editing (you know, where you click at something on the front-end of your website and edit it right there).

Full documentation can be found at ... iting.html

As a sample code for this feature, I've also included a full Couchyfied template 'Miniport'
miniport-full.png (43.65 KiB) Viewed 8359 times

Full source code for it can be downloaded from the documentation page mentioned above.

I know, opinion is divided over the usefulness of onpage editing. People tend to be squarely on one side of the fence - either they absolutely love it or outright hate it.

Would like to know your opinion :)
Please take the time to test the feature out and post in your thoughts.

I for one love this feature on my site it means I can make small tweaks when I notice, so or example a spelling mistake or other typo, and it gets instantly fixed, instead of having to go to the backend, find the file, find the line of code and make the change.

Great work KK!
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Thanks, KK!

Great release. I'm just working on on-page editing, and this feature will certainly help.

By the way, do you plan to include in the next version something like ? I suppose it's a nice idea to have additional adaptive attributes like
Code: Select all
set screen_width1=768, screen_width2=1024
<cms:thumbnail_adaptive screen_width1="width: 100px; height: 40px" screen_width1="width: 500px; height: auto" crop=1 />

so two images will be created, and will be given to user by Cookie, like in AdaptiveImages.

Also waiting for 1.4.5 where as I know admin-panel redesign will be easier (my clients ask to make custom designs with custom libraries, especially for mobiles etc)

Anyway, Couch is the best CMS I've ever used!
Hi KK,

This is another amazing feature added to the CMS that im sure will come in useful along the way.

I do hope user permissions are on your list, that will take the CMS to a whole new level, im thinking building communities and such.

I believe it is a nice feature to have. I used Concrete5 in the past and none of the clients complained about on page editing. As said a few comments above, it is a good thing for some quick changes to the text, typos, images, etc.
Would it be possible in the future to add a toggle switch to the admin, or can I add a variable to globals.php that can be on or off to dictate whether or not it is displayed and available?
There are 10 types of people in this world ... Those who can count in binary and …
@MrBalloonatic, Sorry couldn't get the question.

If you meant toggling onpage editing on/off, the documentation describes one method of doing so (the Miniport template also has the same).
Or is it something else that you'd like to have.

Please let us know.
Great Work as always KK.
On page editing makes the easiest CMS easier. :D
Downloading now..
I just tried it, and it's working wonderful! Thank you very much!!!
oh wow! this sounds really amazing.. going to use this for my next couch project.. once you get used to this way of editing, there's no turning back :D
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