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20 Jan 2014: This version of Couch has been promoted to become the release version 1.4 available from the main download page

Hello everybody.
Version 1.4 is here :)
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The two main features that debut with this version are
1. A new filemanager,
2. DataBound Forms (for front-end submissions AKA user-submitted contents).

New FileManager:
With the new version, Couch adds supports for one more filemanager - KCFinder.
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This new filemanager has all the features one would expect from a modern filemanager -
- Thumbnail preview
- Full set of file manipulation functions (copy / move / delete)
- Select multiple files
- Multiple files upload (does not work in IE)
- Upload files using HTML5 drag and drop (for FF and Chrome only)

KCFinder, however, does not ship with Couch's installation zip.
If you prefer to use KCFinder, it can be downloaded from

DataBound Forms:
This is the most important feature of this release.
Using it, one can allow vistors to submit data from the site into Couch's database.
Some of the uses could be to -
1. Allow visitors to submit contents like articles or job postings etc.
2. Allow visitors to submit their reviews and ratings.
3. Allow a group of registered users to create/manage their own pages.

I have set up a complete tutorial illustrating one such use at ... forms.html

As always, your comments/criticsm are welcome.
The front end submissions feature will open up all kinds of possibilities; I'm excited to see how everyone uses it. The new file manager is also a huge boost to productivity. Thanks for the hard work @KK.
This is a really good news, KK! I can't wait to see it in action, I'm interested especially in user submitted content, I'm wondering how user management works and how can be integrated all this new stuff with Couch cart.
Great news ... really looking forward to trying out the new file manager and exploring ideas for the front end submissions. Many thanks for all your hard work KK. Does this release include cheesypoof's Admin Panel redesign?
Thanks, thanks, thanks .....

I was waiting for this before launching a new web project. I think a user input form is the last missing feature I needed badly and can now finish my work.

Thanks again.
I load frameworks and write bugs on top of them, after that I rearrange the code so that it looks like a cool product.
Great stuff - this looks so useful, it opens couch up to more possible applications.

Great work KK!
Looking forward to explore.

Is this fix added? As part as core?

Yes, it is.
KK wrote: @lolsteamroller
Yes, it is.

Thank you, I really appreciate it! File manager will definitely help out.
hi KK it's been long m here.. and wondered to see updates really... and this new front-end one I would really love to implement it now on my site.. I'm starting to check document .. Thanks Thank Thanks a Ton :)
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