Important announcements from CouchCMS team
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Thats perfectly alright Adrian :)

I'd like to state here that now that Couch is open-source, it basically belongs to the community. Please do try to get involved with the project in anyway you can.

Right now the most crucial thing we need is to get the word around.
I appeal to the community - Please try and make your CMS better known to the world!
Couch, as it stands right now, is relatively unknown to the world.
Talk about it on forums you frequent. Blog about it if possible. Even word of mouth would be a great help.
Hello everybody,

Couch is now listed on HotScripts

Please take the time to visit the page and rate your CMS if you think it is useful to you :)

hi kk,

a quick google search would lead me to believe that you should maybe try here:
Thank you for the suggestion. expects a CMS to expose its admin-panel for users to evaluate (in the form of a demo site).

As you know, by default, Couch's admin-panel is totally empty. It takes whatever shape the designer/developer chooses to give it and the admin-panels of no two Couch managed sites will ever look the same.

So the problem here is that we cannot really set a demo site to showcase Couch's capabilities.
Its USP lies in that it allows you to create your own site-specific admin-panel, so creating a demo-site with fixed number of sample templates won't do justice to what Couch stands for.

This is why I refrained from listing it on
I am sure you'll agree with my reasoning.
Please let me know if you think otherwise.

I am thinking of ways for Couch to get more exposure and recognition that it deserves.
So maybe other than listing on hotscripts or opensourcecms, one of the ways could be to submit articles to various design blogs.

I know that Noupe is very popular, and they have the CMS section( I see that the last two are ProcessWire and ImpressPages, so why couldn't Couch be mentioned there?
I can just say well done......!!!!!!!!
Now that the intermediate licence option of $19 has gone I'm in a bit of a quandary. As much as I love Couch I don't necessarily want the link-back in the footer (when I see 'Powered by ' on a website I tend to think of it as less professional, rightly or wrongly).

Included in the list of reasons to buy a licence is
You might also wish to white-label (rebrand) the admin interface by placing your company's logo and name, in place of ours, so as to make it seem to your clients that you are using your own custom CMS (you can, of course, charge much more from you clients for this).
I am interested by the idea that the re-branding of the admin panel would justify charging extra to the client. I don't think that the small clients I deal with would agree with this. They are looking for absolute rock bottom prices ... no frills. I don't think they would care if it was branded as Couch or me! If I was a client I think I'd be looking for a CMS that was widely used and supported (i.e. had the endorsement of a substantial number of users), rather than a custom built CMS. Though most clients don’t really give this a second thought. I am interested to know your thoughts on this.

I provide a proposal and price to a client which excludes licence fees for any plugins or software – I list these separately, so up until now this has meant an extra £12.50. I can obviously continue to offer the client the option of paying to remove the Couch link, now an extra £25.

For those clients who don’t want to pay the £25 I will re-style the link-back – does this have to be “Powered by CouchCMS” or is “CouchCMS” enough? Would the Couch logo be sufficient? Could the Couch logo be in a different colour?
Congratulations! This is good news. Hopefully this will bring more success for this excellent CMS.
Thank you so much for helping with my project on I really wish i could use couch in my next project. Hope to get third party plugins to extend couch. Really nice to know you are going open-source
Such great news that its now open source. Looking forward to all the updates to come.

Well done to all the couch team!
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