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what couch needs is a 5-min youtube video showing the installation process and how easy it is to use. after i finish my current project if nobody has made a video ill take a swing at it.
Great idea Syn007! I had been thinking that a live demo of the Admin Panel would be good to show on the Couch website - but a video of installation and quick tour of Admin Panel far better. Good on you ...
I was a couch member since the early days. It's advanced so much since it first started and really happy with how this runs.

Various of my clients run the couch cms and will do for every project I'm involved in.

I've now registered by second company as couch licenced. Rebranding was what I needed. Looking forward to the upcoming updates. Then I can finally run my trade store.

Keep it up kk. I've been lost in projects but still here and always checking for new things.
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