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The announcement every body has been waiting for :)

With the release of v1.3.5 today, Couch finally emerges from behind IonCube encryption and embraces open source.

The license we've chosen is CPAL - an OSI certified open-source license based on Mozilla Public License.

Those who wish to white-label (rebrand) Couch as their own product, by removing its logo and copyright from the interface, can still license it under an alternative Commercial license.

You can find more details here:

This marks a new beginning for Couch.
I hope the awesome community it has garnered in the past two years continues to support it with the same passion and love.

Thanks everybody :)
there is no other word to say then "YEAH! thank you so much"
@kk: i'm sure it was a very hard decision to make, but i think it's a great one.

thank you very much!!
Three cheers for KK!

Thanks for all your hard work on Couch and the totally awesome level of support you offer us and always in such a delightful, courteous and friendly manner.

I have been waiting for the new OS version of Couch for my latest client site (I will have to think about the licence choices).

Exciting times ahead for Couch :)
Hi KK,

Thanks, I'm sure this will open up the CMS to more third party module development and tinkering! Excited.
That is great but what about new versions? Couch will be still updated or is going to be abandoned pretty soon? I really love CouchCMS and I don't want to move to other cms in near future
:lol: @adrian, what makes you think Couch could get abandoned?
We are in active development with work going on in parallel for both v1.4 and v1.4.5.
Rest assured, we are not going away anywhere. Not with all the support of you guys out there :)
@kk: i'm with you on that one :!:

i strongly believe that couch will be around for a very long time and just keep getting better.
the price is right, support is great (kk is the friendliest and most helpful support person i ever had the pleasure of dealing with) and i for one will keep using couch for client projects.
couch only needs now to get up to speed of that other product (not going to mention names here) :)
It had never occurred to me that Couch would be abandoned - quite the opposite. We all know how much KK has put in to this CMS (& great that @cheesypoof is now on board) - it would be unthinkable. My thoughts are that now Couch is 'opened up' its future is even more assured.

It would obviously be a good thing, esp. in view of the 3 month's support on offer for the paid version of Couch, if the Forums became more self-supporting by forum members (rather than KK/cheesypoof) along with the growing repository of useful posts on how to get things done. And I think that will happen and hopefully some good "plugins" - because that will probably get a lot of people interested.
@KK that was a first and stupid thought. I'm really happy to read that CouchCMS will be with us for long time :)
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