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EDIT: 29 Feb. This version has now moved on to become the release version 1.2.0 available from

Hello fellow Couchers,

The (rather delayed) version 1.2 of Couch is now ready.
Apart from containing fixes for all the reported bugs since the last release, this version has some useful new features -

- Ability to create Shortcodes ( ... codes.html).
* This is the first of the several steps meant to open up Couch's architecture to allow extenting it with external code.

- Support for Nested Pages ( ... maker.html).
* This feature can also double up as a menu-maker.

You are invited to test drive it and kindly send in your suggestions and bug reports before it is promoted to be the current version available for download.

EDIT: 10 Jan. Releasing RC2. The masquerading feature has had a complete face-lift. Now a pointer page masquerading as any template will masquerade all the views (page-view, list-view etc.). This effectively allows to move entire sections of a site to any arbitrary location within the nested-pages tree.
The documentation at ... maker.html now describes the modified functionality.
Please download:
(1.38 MiB) Downloaded 538 times
(1.37 MiB) Downloaded 581 times

Thank you for your efforts KK. The added features are very much appreciated. I am not sure if I am only noticing this now because I went looking for potential problems after upgrading but if I have a template that has hidden set to 1 at the top of the template list, an administrator account will display that template upon login. Oh and with HTML tags enabled, input tags are output in the XHTML manner.
Awesome! I'll give it a try later today.

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Downloading, will test it in the next couple of days! Thank you Kamran Image
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