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@density12, Hi :)

I tried to wrap my head around your explanation but, regret to say, was not able to grasp the scenario (getting old, you know :) ).

So, please make things easier for me by PMing me the (relevant) actual source files - just enough for me to be able to recreate the use-case on my side. A few notes on how to elicit the problem would be welcome.
@KK, salut!

Here is the revised admin localization in Czech. I took the one present on github, added string missing up to the version 2.3 (20220611) and added some semantic consistency touches. A little bird chirped you are the one maintaining the repo.

...I am only missing a string for "Publish Date" in Drafts, it seems to not be present in the EN locale.


Salut @MiB et merci beaucoup :)
Hi, it seems that Couch 2.3 version has out-of-date Jquery (3.1.1) and Bootstrap (3.3.4) files. According to some pentest tools, those versions are prone to vulnerabilities. What will happen if these files are updated? Is there any plan to replace them with newer versions?

Couch uses JQuery (and Bootstrap functions that use JQuery) in a very limited manner.
Nowhere in the admin-panel is any "HTML from untrusted source" passed on to JavaScript without it being thoroughly sanitized by PHP first.

You may safely regard the test results as "false positives".
Hey everyone!

I've been away for a while and I haven't fully caught up on the latest Couch features, but it's great to hear that Couch CMS is being further developed.

I can't wait to give the page builder a try! However, it has come to my attention that certain images and URLs are currently non-functional. Furthermore, I am encountering difficulties in procuring the download of the Tutor theme from the following URL: as it is generating an error.
Hi Martijn :)
Good to see you after a long time!

Thanks for the head-up regarding the demo; I'll see if it can be set right.
In the meanwhile, you can get the code of the fully configured site from here -

Set your database parameters in couch/config.php and you are good to go.
Hello all! It's been a while, but I'm back playing on the Couch!

@KK, I looked thru the forum and didn't see that anyone posted about this. I've successfully used Page Builder on a couple of sites, but now I'm doing it again on a site where I moved my 'Snippets' folder. The move is successful and I've configured admin/configure.php correctly (as proven by the many successful embeds throughout the site). My issue is the PHP code on Page Builder addons/kfunctions page.

I'm unable to get the themes to connect. but when I replace K_COUCH_DIR the PHP lines
Code: Select all
$FUNCS->override_render( 'pb_wrapper', array('template_path'=>K_COUCH_DIR.'snippets/pb/misc/theme/') );
    $FUNCS->override_render( 'pb_tile', array('template_path'=>K_COUCH_DIR.'snippets/pb/', 'template_ctx_setter'=>array('MyPB', '_render_pb_tile')) );

with my local path

Code: Select all
$FUNCS->override_render( 'pb_wrapper', array('template_path'=>'C:/wamp64/www/fdtucson/snippets/pb/misc/theme/') );
    $FUNCS->override_render( 'pb_tile', array('template_path'=>'C:/wamp64/www/fdtucson/snippets/pb/', 'template_ctx_setter'=>array('MyPB', '_render_pb_tile')) );

everything works as expected.

I have read and reread the tutorial and not finding a dynamic solution. Am I missing something somewhere?

Does anyone else have a solution for Page Builder when the Snippets file has been moved out of the admin folder?
Hello and welcome back @scratz :)

For cases (like yours) where the snippets folder location has been changed using the K_SNIPPETS_DIR setting of the config file, you may use the following -
Code: Select all
$FUNCS->override_render( 'pb_wrapper', array('template_path'=>K_SITE_DIR . K_SNIPPETS_DIR .'/pb/misc/theme/') );
$FUNCS->override_render( 'pb_tile', array('template_path'=>K_SITE_DIR . K_SNIPPETS_DIR .'/pb/', 'template_ctx_setter'=>array('MyPB', '_render_pb_tile')) );

Hope this helps.
Hope this helps.

Works like a charm!! Thank you so much, and than you for the warm welcome, quick response and all that you and your team does for Couch! Yall are amazing!
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