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Thank you. My posted example is real life and doesn't have several chained fields, so no problem moving cms:func outside.
Thanks, lots for Introducing this in 2.2

Is there a way of minimizing the output of the script generated with this code?

<script type="text/javascript">
<cms:conditional_js />
... just had to add my thanks @kk for this great new Couch feature. Just tried it out for the first time and am delighted by how easy it was to apply (following the usual excellent tutorial) and also by how much neater and more compact it allows the Admin Panel to be. It means the client can navigate through a page in a much more streamlined way and rather than needing to skim over lots of potentially irrelevant inputs never sees them in the first place. Brilliant! Love it!
Thank you for your feedback and appreciation, @potato :)
Hey there I want to try in attachment but when I go to it gives an error like this:
ERROR: tag <cms:func />: 'my_cond' already registered
Is there something I do wrong?
gokmenbekar wrote: Hey there I want to try in attachment but when I go to it gives an error like this:
ERROR: tag <cms:func />: 'my_cond' already registered
Is there something I do wrong?

I rechecked and everything works as posted unless you edited the file. If you edited it then look for missing param _into='my_cond'. Without '_into' Couch tries to register a callable function again which is what the error says. If you did not edited anything, try to update CouchCMS from Git.
My question is -
can with Conditional Fields create a validator for a minimum number of rows in Repeatable Regions?
For example - the rows must be at least 5.

If this is not possible, can we use PHP in kfunctions.php?

Thank you very much :)
Ivo, I believe it is possible. For example, there could be a special code executing during the page save inside config_form_view. Here (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11400&p=30177#p30177) KK shows how to output repeatable as array which means that each row represents one element of array and if repeatable has less than 5 elements, then special code prevents the page being saved and outputs a message to user. This is just one way of doing that.
I use Conditional Fields with Mosaic - of course everything is fine and is a great example of the strength of the fields.
However, I see a small JS problem and I want to fix it.
Normally, when deleting all the tiles, you will see the following:
all_tiles_delete.jpg (42.79 KiB) Viewed 8735 times

But when the the mosaic appears after permission from the Conditional Fields there is a problem:
mosaic_after_con_f.jpg (48.39 KiB) Viewed 8735 times

Can we fix this?
Thank you very much :)
As it states rather clearly within the introduction
any 'dependent' field must always come *after* its 'controlling' field(s)

However I need just that. Following scenario

Code: Select all
Checkbox 1
Checkbox 2
Checkbox 3
Checkbox 4
-> if klicked hides Checkbox 6 (works!)
Checkbox 5
-> if klicked hides Checkbox 6 (works!)
Checkbox 6
-> if klicked should hide Checkbox 4 and 5 (...)

As Checkbox 6 is way back in the chain everything already happened. Is there any tweaking to be done to achieve this nevertheless?

Another option, although less nice, for me could be to display a message if 4 and 6, or 5 and 6 are slected (which is to be avoided). So would "not_active=my_cond" work on any other couch tags besides <cms:editable>'s or <cms:input>'s? Like <cms:block> or something similar?
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