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@keakie, I checked and the process seems to be working just fine for me.

Is your installation online? If yes, please PM me the FTP+Couch access creds (with details on where exactly I can see the problem) and can take a look for you.
@KK, Is there a problem to get k_template_id of some masterpage? Following doesn't get it
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<cms:get_field 'k_template_id' masterpage=k_template_name >
    <cms:dump />
1945 - 2023
@trendoman, if I am not mistaken there is *no* editable region named 'k_template_id'. The cms:get_field tag only fetches values from editable regions (both system and custom) - in other words the fields that you get to see in the admin panel while editing a page.
Thank you, I have focused on 'system' fields, not 'editable system' fields. :oops:
1945 - 2023
I downloaded the CouchCMS zip from GitHub abd then checked its version and to double check used <cms:dump /> tag but the version is showing: k_cms_version: 2.0.beta

Is this fine or should it be 2.1.beta

P.S. I am ugrading from V2.0
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It should be
CouchCMS Version 2.1.beta (20170922)
1945 - 2023
Hi, discovered another wee bug when using globals.

My problem arises if I am deleting a clonable template, for which I have defined globals. I am usually doing this because I have made a mistake in the template fields, and I can't get rid of fields without deleting all the pages, then the template itself. If I then recreate the clonable template using the same name (blog.php for example), there is no "Manage globals" button, and the global variables appear as they were before I deleted the template - but I now cannot edit them.

Hope that makes sense!
Thanks for reporting the issue, @ewanmc.

I have committed a fix to github.

However, the commit will not be able to fix the problem in your particular installation as the database already has some 'tainted' data. You'll have to fix it manually, I am sorry. This is how you may do it -

Use phpmyadmin (or the tool of your choice) and find your template (blog,php as you mentioned) in the "couch_templates" table. Edit the template's record to set the 'has_globals' field to '1'. Now you should get to see the 'Manage globals' button as before.

Assuming you are using the modified files from github, now on when you delete the template you won't face the reported issue.

Hope this helps.
Thanks again.
Thanks for the fix @KK. I should be OK, I am still building the site, so I just created a new template with a different name.
Hello, KK.

I installed a mosaic in my template, but when I try to save one of the tiles and click on the 'OK' button - nothing happens. :shock: The modal window is updated and remains open, after the 'Cancel' button - no data is written, everything is clean.

Tell me please, what can I do with this problem?

Thank you!
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