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KK wrote:
The code block below in the COUCH CMS template block doesn't work:
Is there something I am missing

<cms:repeatable> tag expects (and recognizes) only <cms:editable> tags as its immediate children.
In your code, the immediate child is <cms:each> which is not recognized and hence never executes.

I think you'll have to go the entire nine yards and hand code in full all child editable regions that will repeat.

Hahahaha! Thanks KK, learnt something new today. Will swap the repeatable and the each tag for the langs. Thanks once more
I am here again with another question: How do I apply the localization to dynamic folders? My thought currently is to use Extended folders but my only problem will be how to apply the code block below to the folder title input field:
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        <cms:field 'title_en' skip='1'  />

Hello KK,
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