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olliwalli wrote: -> default language woth original URLs -> other language with language specific URLs

Is this already possible?

It would be great.

Oliver, it is not possible to keep both urls due to the inner design of the addon. Does the rank get lost if the old page is redirected to the new page? If the rank can be re-linked to the new location, then I see no major problem here.

I was working on my version of the addon that keeps the old htaccess rewrite rules for non-lc urls with redirect to default language. I could successfully make that old known pages were redirected to the new lc-prefixed locations.

I'm still looking for a solution to the below. Can anyone help?


dzauk wrote: Hi,

This Add-on is great! I still need to post my issues with the search (from above) which I will get around too but I have one more issue....

How would you setup 404 (and other errors) for this solution? I've set the ‘ErrorDocument’ line in the .htaccess to be ‘ErrorDocument 404 /404.php’ which is where the template sits however I don’t get the right results.

I’m working with 2 languages English and French. If I go to a missing page at the root of the domain, for example
Code: Select all
then this forwards to
Code: Select all
and shows the custom 404 page which is correct however if I try the same thing on either of the sub directories, i.e.
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Code: Select all
then I just get the default ‘Page not found’ page.

Is it possible to setup so that you can have a 404 for each different language that works within the virtual directories?

Does anyone got a sitemap running with that addon? I'm using the one from bartonsweb

But there are only the pages of one language shown.

Is it possible to iterate with:
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<cms:templates show_hidden='1' order='asc' >
<cms:each k_supported_langs as='lang' key='lc'>

</cms: each/>

through the pages?
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