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Hi @kpadron,

Those strings are PHP 'notices' - so nothing important but those shouldn't really be visible as Couch does turn them off explicitly in header.php
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    if( defined('E_STRICT') ){
        error_reporting(E_ALL & ~(E_NOTICE | E_STRICT)); // Report all errors except notices and strict standard warnings
        error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE); // Report all errors except notices

I suspect some other setting in your local xampp setup is causing the suppression not to take effect.

Could you please check the php.ini being used by your installation and make sure the following settings are properly set? -
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display_errors = Off
error_reporting = Off

You may also try placing the following lines in couch/.htaccess file -
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php_flag display_errors off
php_value error_reporting 0

Hope it helps.
Hi @KK,

Thanks for answer so fast.

I have did the changes and all works fine now. It seem my localhost block this functionallity as you said. I will investigate to know why happen and if I find a solution will post it here.

Thanks for your help!
hi, i have a mini trouble:

Code: Select all

<cms:set lang = "ru" />
<cms:set darbo_profilis_label = "<cms:get_custom_field "darbo_profilis_<cms:show lang />" masterpage='multilang.php' />" />
<cms:set kosmetologas_label = "<cms:get_custom_field "kosmetologas_<cms:show lang />" masterpage='multilang.php' />" />

<cms:template clonable='1' title='Lankytojai'>

        <cms:editable name='darbo_profilis' type='dropdown' label=darbo_profilis_label opt_values='admin/opt_darbo_profilis.html' dynamic='opt_values' search_type='integer' order='6' />

        <cms:config_list_view limit='15' searchable='1'>
         <cms:field 'k_selector_checkbox'/>
         <cms:field 'darbo_profilis' header=darbo_profilis_label> <-- with header all is great
            <cms:if darbo_profilis = '1'>
               <cms:show kosmetologas_label /> <-- not works, blank output
               <cms:get_custom_field "kosmetologas_<cms:show lang />" masterpage='multilang.php' /> <-- not works, blank output
            <cms:else_if darbo_profilis = '2' />
               <cms:show daktaras_kosmetologas_label />
         <cms:field 'k_actions' />


if I use vars at <field> var </field>, i have blank output
What this outputs?
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     <cms:field 'darbo_profilis' >
        darbo_profilis: <cms:show darbo_profilis /><br/>
Did you try to set kosmetologas_label as global var?
yes, same
great module !!
have a problem with <cms:paginator /> tag
next and preview buttons i know how to make, in first post is instrucion, but i need to show 1 2 3 ... 10 11 12 pages with links, but links not works or I don't know how to use

The first post in fact also mentions about this kind of pagination.

Quoting from it -
For more complex pagination needs, do the same with 'k_crumb_link' variable. Please see -

Hope it helps.
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