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Adding a few moments to previous post. Arrays declaration. Arrays are in [] , Objects are in {}

Create a first empty array
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<cms:set person = '[]' scope='global' is_json='1' />

Add to it one object, consisting of a key 'First Name' and a value 'Jane'.
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<cms:set person. = '{"First Name" : "Jane"}' scope='global' is_json='1' />

Alternative way to do the above 2 operations in one go is:
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<cms:set person = '[{"First Name" : "Jane"}]' scope='global' is_json='1' />
If anyone reads this topic, here is a sample of converting output of listing tag (query, pages, folders etc) to JSON and JSON to ul-li list. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10262&p=28787#p28787
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