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This concept is extremely popular in my works, I can't imagine what coding was before it. ☺ So thank you again, KK!
As a small donation, please accept this tutorial that I compiled and wrote in additional content with more examples -

Core Concepts » Couch Arrays

- Multi-level variables or Arrays
- - Syntax
- - Setting arrays
- - Iterate arrays
- Practice
- - cms:capture vs. cms:set
- - Objects vs. Arrays
- - Adding to arrays
- - Dynamic values
- - - Escaping
- - - Multi-word keys
- - - cms:get and cms:put
- - - Loops
- - Tags
- - Related tags
- - Related pages

- - -

This post is about a small tip that comes out of a following problem:

Q: Was array already set somewhere beforehand or it does not yet exist?
The question above may be answered with a set of 'conditional' tags: If exists.. use it.. otherwise ..create it.

Avoiding a condition, there is a one-liner solution that gets existing array's value or creates a new one in global scope —
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<cms:set clock = "<cms:get 'clock' default='[]' scope='global' as_json='1' />" is_json='1' scope='global'/>

I've created, tested and used it successfully in one of my funcs (Cms-Fu » clock) that needed to add a value to a possibly existing array or create a new array to keep the value.

your best friends: github, StackOverflow, telegram
Awesome work, @trendoman!
You seem to have documented your entire understanding of this feature on a single page - I think I'll find myself getting to this often while working with arrays.

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