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Hi everybody,

Today (15 Jan 2017), Couch v2.0 finally moved on from its long beta to become the release version (

This release comes with a couple of amendments to the licensing terms -

1. The open-source CPAL license no longer mandates the attribution footer link ("Powered by CouchCMS") previously required on all front-end pages generated by Couch.

2. The premium support period provided by the commercial license is now 1 month.

Thank you all for your support.
Congrats, KK!

A quick question: what is premium support exactly?
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Free support is never free.. Donate!

what is premium support exactly?

A binding obligation to try and solve whatever Couch related problem the buyer might run into.

This promise does not accompany the open-source license (although to be fair, and I think our users will agree, I usually go way beyond what is expected from a free open-source product when it comes to support).

Hope this answers your query.
Hi KK,

Frankly, given the level of support you are giving, anybody who knows you will be more than happy to renew it for any months needed. You're nothing short of awesome.

It's an excellent idea. And your support is worth every penny, and more than that.

Chúc mừng năm mới 2017 from Saigon.

Merci beaucoup :)
Thank you very much indeed for your kind words, Paolo.
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