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Unfortunately I can not do such an addition :shock:
Now I noticed that the situation with <cms:repeatable regions is not good - there is no adaptability and smaller screens inscriptions overlap (see att image)

I know that KK warned of new addon and believe that this will happen soon because now the situation is not good


orbital wrote: repeatable regions is not good

Can you try to see if some css rule must be corrected? If so, feel free to tweak default css in \couch\theme\_system\includes\admin\main.css
@orbital, you can try using the old 'col_width' parameter to explicitly give width to the problem columns.

If that doesn't work, please post the definition of your repeatable-regions so that we can duplicate the situation on our systems. Thanks.
KK, thanks for your hard work and determination to make version 2 possible. :D
KK I report that the problem was just in the absence of col_width ! :D
Now everything is fine :shock:

I'm getting an error for my blog pages that is keeping me from being able to edit them. I can view the list of blog pages just fine, but if I try to go to an individual one I get the error "ERROR: Tag "input" 'name' contains invalid characters. (Only lowercase[a-z], numerals[0-9] hyphen and underscore permitted". I've gone through my code and don't see any offending characters, any ideas?

It's not affecting the public side of my site thankfully, but it is keeping me from writing new posts... lol.

*EDIT* Nevermind. I found the problem in my header. I had some conditional PHP and one of the titles had the '&' symbol, not the correct html code to create the symbol. Problem solved.
somebody help me!

administrator icons do not appear.

on my computer appear , but in hosting does not appear.


@IdealSolucoes, source-view or code inspector in browser does show the icons?
trendoman wrote: @IdealSolucoes, source-view or code inspector in browser does show the icons?

  on my computer the administrator icons appear normal.

more on my hosting does not show the icons. :cry:
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