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What you said is true. However, in another case, I selected my home page "Right Sidebar and Homepage Heading", then clicked "Create Draft". I went into drafts to edit the new draft, made a small change to text, then clicked "Save" (not "Update Original). While the View button on the original page shows, the View button in the draft ALSO shows that url, displaying the original content. I tried this on the homepage as well as "about us" and others. The VIEW button for the single pages shows the originals, not the drafts. Maybe drafts don't work on single pages?

The VIEW button for the single pages shows the originals, not the drafts

OK, that is indeed a bug @wysocki. Thanks for the heads-up.

I have tried to rectify it. Could you please download the modified 'edit-drafts.php' from GitHub? ... 28c97603e1

Please let me know if that fixes the problem. Thanks.
Perfect, thanks!
Hi Guys,

I've run into this error a few times now with the new 2.0 version:

When I'm adding a row to a repeatable region the id of the editable objects should contain a higher number than the row before (f_name-3-name, f_name-4-name etc). But sometimes the number is identical to the previous row or even lower. When this happens the kcfinder doesn't work anymore and one can not upload a new foto to this region.

Please download and use v2.0 available form GitHub -
Do let me know if the problem still persists. I'll need FTP/Couch access to your site to examine the issue.

Hi KK,
Please excuse me that I ask this question here, but I do not know where to do it.
I have a client who bought the domain in Cyrillic (домейн.com) and the question is Couch can work with such domain?

Hi orbital,

I don't see any reason for Couch not working on such domains (though, to be honest, I personally have not tried using it on one).

I suggest you please go ahead with installing Couch on that domain and let me know if something doesn't seem to work.

Thanks KK, I will try to do that
Hi I see something strange in my opinion.
I have:
Code: Select all
    <cms:editable name='price' type='text' searchable='0' label='My Price' validator='regex=/\[\[?([^\]]*)\](\]?)\s*(%?)/' />

but the content in this editable region is displayed in k_search_excerpt in search results:
Code: Select all
      <cms:search limit='10' >
            <a href="<cms:show k_page_link />"><cms:show k_search_title /></a>            
                <cms:show k_search_excerpt />   

Am I wrong somewhere or is this a bug?
Thank you very much
I'm curious, I know there had been talk of allowing "stacked" repeatable regions instead of columns (for repeatables with a large number of items). Has that made it into 2.0? Thanks!
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