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@trendoman, that column, in addition to showing comments count, is also used to show drafts count. Therefore, it cannot be removed only on the basis of comments.
Hi KK,

Not long ago trendoman asked
How to add 'Unpublish' to bulk actions? It is handy to be able to unpublish old blog posts (e.g. after sorting list-view by date), or search results (e.g. pages that contain 'hotel' in title).

I think it really is very useful. Can it be done?

Last question for the day ;)...

How can I change the appearance of the users section - better the individual "cloned" pages. If I add/change things in "users/index.php" the changes take of course effect there, but not in the 'original' user management.
@klaus, not much currently that matches the options available for regular templates, I am afraid.
Pity! ;) Is there then a way to disable couch's user administration page? Or would I - in case of using users/index.php as the main user template - have to live with both being accessible for every admin?
@klaus, it shouldn't be difficult (with v2.0) to hide whichever section you desire.
But perhaps you'd like to consider using the following solution instead -

Please let me know if that would do. Thanks.
Something different than what I had in mind, but actually not a bad solution. Thank you very much! :)
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