It might not be obvious, but here is a tip for working with conditional fields, where the amount of values in selectors is overwhelming (like, more than 5).

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<cms:func _into='my_cond' long_tiresome_list_of_values=''>
    <cms:if long_tiresome_list_of_values > '=' >show<cms:else />hide</cms:if>

Above code will show dependant if any selected value in long...list selector starts with a letter. And will hide it otherwise i.e. if it starts with a digit. This trick makes possible to show input on "KX-1209" and hide input on "2842" in the same list. It would be crazy to code all 12765 values in one func separately :lol:

A similar rule may be applied to individual letters: < 'x' will show everything that has as the first symbol a number or A to Z and a to w and will hide x, z and y (case-sensitive). Capital letters are separated with ^ from lowercase ones. For any specific rule, ask here or just review your codepage table.