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I set up a relation editable in cms:globals and yet able to output it. Any hints? My definition is below.

Code: Select all

   <!-- Slider Section -->
   <cms:editable type='group' name='group_slider' label='Slider Section' collapsed='0' order='0' >
      <cms:editable type='relation' name='editable_slider_related_media'
                 advanced_gui='1' masterpage=k_template_name has='one'
                 label='Hero Image (related)' desc='Select from existing images here' order='1' />
   <!-- Slider Section End -->   


How to add tiles without popup?
Is the upgrade process in in the 2.1 download correct for an upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1?

The text in that files refers to upgrading to 2.0.
@daldred, yes, the upgrade process remains unchanged.
Hi to all, Question about Mosaic:

Did tiles have unique id's?

Can I access in frontend tiles id?

I need this to separate values in the same type of tiles to be unique in my JS code.

Now I do this by adding a "tile id" editable field, but that must be unique in each added tile so I must except user fill it properly. Which is, I think, impossible.

Code: Select all
<cms:show_mosaic 'mosaicname'>
     <cms:if k_tile_name='tilename'>
           ... some code ...
              const <cms:show tile_id />_value = '<cms:show some_field />';
         ... some code ...

I hope you understand the question.
@rdamir82, tiles, I am afraid, don't intrinsically possess a unique ID.

However, since in your case you seem to be generating the JS code as you are looping through the tiles, I think you may use the 'k_count' variable instead - the first tile will (by default) have a value of '1', the next a value of '2' and so on.

Would that help? Please let me know.
Yes, I think that is enough to make different variables to JS code.

Thank You very much.
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