I had switched flipbooks awhile back to use Wowbook flipbook which as of a few months back is capable of rendering PDF files in the flipbook using PDF.js.....I had attempted to put the PDF.js in a folder and load it into my root directory and set my code as repeatable regions as I had done with Viewer.JS that is setup on my site as well but it did not work..Upon looking at the wowbook documentation it seems you just link to PDF.combined.js in the template and set the path in the API...i apologize if im straying too far from couch but is it possible to incorporate this code to upload pdf files into the flipbook using couch? Im attaching my code that I use now that easily loads images to flipbook in Couch and a second shot showing the documentation on how to implement PDF.js.
When I set the path in js to the PDF I can easily render it in the book..But how can I set this up to load individual PDF pages into the div tags ?