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I've sent you a pm with the related code. Thanks again for your time :)

Thanks. I had a look at the code.

The snippet you are using to display a single post by a particular user is
Code: Select all
<cms:pages masterpage='news.php' custom_field='my_news_author==admin'limit='1'>

(by the way, there should be space before the limit )
The snippet above expects an editable region by the name of 'my_news_author' in your 'news.php' template that contains the term 'admin'.

Your 'news.php' has no such region so please add an editable region (type 'text' will be fine)
in 'news.php' this way
Code: Select all
type='text' />

Access 'news.php' through your browser for Couch to pick up the changes.
This will add a textbox in each of your news item.
Please edit all existing news posts to fill up this empty new field with the author's name.

Once the data is in place (i.e. each news post has its author's name within the 'my_news_author' field), the following snippet should work -
Code: Select all
<cms:pages masterpage='news.php' custom_field='my_news_author==admin' limit='1'>

Do let me know if you have any problem.
Brilliant! :D

Thanks for your help with this. Couch is a great alternative for those who struggle using Wordpress and Joomla. I'll definitely spread the word!
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