Hi, well i have this bit of code...

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<div class="article_right">
  <div title="<cms:show Article2_Image_Alt />">
    <div id="videoContainer">
      <iframe id="iframe" width="100%" height="100%" alt="<cms:show Article2_Image_Alt />" src="<cms:show Article2_YouTube_Src />?&autoplay=0&autohide=1&controls=0&showinfo=0&rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    <img id="video_image" class="article_main_image play_video" alt="<cms:show Article2_Image_Alt />" src="<cms:show Article2_Image />"/>
    <h3 class="rubric_title"><cms:show Article2_Rubric_Title /></h3>
    <div class="article_textbox">
      <p class="article_date"><cms:show Blog_Date /></p>
      <h4 class="article_title"><cms:show Article2_Title /></h4>
      <div class="article_description"><cms:show Article2_Description /></div>
      <a class="article_footer article_out" href="<cms:show Article2_YouTube_Link />"><cms:show Article2_Footer /></a>

The #videoContainer and the #video_image are in the same place from css rules.
One is hidden and the other is show.
Then i have javascript to change that on click...
It worked great but now i'm trying to make the webpage dynamic with couch and i dont know why, the iframe instead of showing only the youtube video it shows the full page where this bit of code is. Can anyone tell me why? Thx in advance.

Never mind, i fix it...